Optical Layer Systems Delta GbR


Optical Layer Systems Delta (OLS) presents a variety of products in the fields of lasers optics, beam delivery systems and related components as beam homogenizers, 2D scanning mirrors, beam choppers, self-cleaning window for processing chambers, ...

These units and systems are mostly new, original, sometimes unique products, developed on the basis of 35 years experience and expertise in the technology of laser components, optical layers and layer systems.


Among our Products you will find also:

  • Cascade Beam Converters (CBC)* which allow low loss homogenizing and splitting of high power laser beams — from UV to IR 
  • 2D Scanning Mirrors with up to 2 inch aperture and high scanning rate* 
  • Mirrors and Lenses / Mounts with improved temperature and mechanical stability*
  • Aperture Diaphragms and Beam Choppers for high power beams*
  • Processing Windows for introduction of high power laser beam in vacuum*Beam Delivery Systems — design and manufacturing* 
  • Opto-Vacuum Systems — laser processing systems, from UV to IR

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* original OLS products