Optical Layer Systems Delta GbR

OLS Delta GbR is a German high-tech company offering a variety of optical/laser components and systems

Optical Layer Systems in few facts

The company was founded in 2003 and is located in Hanau that is in only 20 driving minutes from Frankfurt or Frankfurt Airport. Within the same time OLS can be reached also by train.

The founders of the Optical Layer Systems are physicists who own a long term experience in development of optical elements, devices and systems based on thin optical layers. Their background is solid state optics, nonlinear and laser optics, physics and technology of optical films. Their names are known also in thin film and laser technologies.

The president and one of the founders of the Optical Layer Systems – Dr. Olga Usoskin – owns a deep experience in developments of optical systems and devices. For many year she was as a researcher and then as leading scientist with the Institute for Single Crystals in Charkov, former USSR, and later with the ISCO Optik in Goettingen.

Establishing of the Optical Layer Systems is closely related to the invention of new principles for cascade homogenizing of laser beam. The method and devices for beam homogenizing are patented and used in the series of cascade beam converters (CBCs) that are exclusively produced by Optical Layer Systems. This new type of homogenizers offers enormously high efficiency of beam conversion which yields 10 times lower energy losses compared to other known devices. 

Main Activities and Products

Main activities of Optical Layer Systems incorporate development, production and sales of the optical components and beam delivery systems aimed, largely, for conversion and transfer of laser beams.

The key products are cascade beam converters for homogenizing and splitting of laser beam, 2D scanning mirrors, temperature compensated mirrors, beam choppers, shutters and aperture diaphragms, self-cleaning windows for processing chambers – all aimed for operation with high power beams.

In significant part, the strength of Optical Layer Systems is based on custom design and flexibility also in contract researches and consulting. In many cases this allows us to offer competitive prices and advanced, even unique features.